Drone deployment

We utilize the latest drone technologies available in our industry currently on the market. We upload the aerial footage into Xactimate software via a proprietary software suite capable of making measurements to the fraction of an inch. Our inspectors can perform a fully digital image-based estimate in a fraction of the time required for a traditional inspection, thus greatly increasing workflow. The 4K digital video camera equipped with 24 to a 48mm optical zoom is also capable of taking 18 megapixel still photos. Our drones have thermal imaging capabilities, which is instrumental in optimal placement of solar collection shingle arrays and for verifying the presence of moisture beneath the surface of single-ply membranes without destructive testing.  As well as being much safer for our inspectors compared to having to physically climb on each roof.  We pride ourselves on keeping up with the innovative advances taking place in our industry as we strive to keep our company as streamlined and efficient as possible. Lowering our overhead costs and giving CAMBO ROOFS a competitive advantage over our larger and bulkier counterparts. 


Storm tracking and swath mapping

CAMBO ROOFS utilizes CoreLogic weather mapping, the most accurate and trusted storm tracking and mapping software available on the market. We obtain real-time data to mobilize units in the field to precise locations immediately following a storm, and to provide dates of loss for the insurance company later down the timeline. This technology is one aspect of our streamlining process and works as integral piece of our workflow system, saving valuable time and money.

Inspecting & Measuring

CAMBO ROOFS utilizes iRoofing software to perform measurements and digital analysis for all of our clients. Accurate to a fraction of an inch, capable of CRM functionality, photo and video uploads, and a multiple user supported platform allows our team to collaborate remotely in real time on any project. The software saves time, money and increases safety while allowing an entire team to simultaneously contribute to a project. No more need to carry anything in the field but a tablet and smartphone.   


CAMBO ROOFS uses Xactimate software to write our estimates and supplements. It is the same software that is used by the insurance companies' adjusters, so we always know in advance the cost and value of a particular roof. Therefore we always turn in accurate and competitive estimates to our clients. And when supplementing, Xactimate is invaluable to collect the maximum proceeds for a project from the insurance company. This money is the used to upgrade the roofing system for our clients.