Stone coated steel 


We install Stone Coated Steel Shingles exclusively manufactured by Boral because of the superior quality of their product. All Boral Stone Coated Steel Shingles have a Class IV impact resistance rating, which gives homeowners a significant discount in insurance premiums every year, thus offsetting the initial cost of the roofing system in a matter of a few years. This is the top of the line roofing system money can buy. Absolutely stunning to look at, lightweight and as tough as any roofing material against the forces of nature; Stone Coated Steel Shingle Roofing Systems are the choice of discerning and aesthetically savvy lovers of architecture. A Stone Coated Steel System is truly a life-long lasting roof. In several distinct profiles, these premier shingles add a majestic curb appeal to any home and their durability is unsurpassed. This is CAMBO ROOFS' apex of residential roofing materials.