Solar photovoltaic 

For the homeowner who is conscious about their carbon footprint and wants the most ROI from their roofing system, the time has arrived that Solar Shingle Roofing Systems are a viable alternative to traditional roofs. The innovations made in Photovoltaic Shingles in conjunction with Lithium-Ion battery, AC/DC conversion equipment and LED technology it is actually feasible for the average American homeowner to have a roofing system that actually is capable of producing and storing enough solar-generated electricity to run an entire household. The engineering aspect of a Solar Roofing System is quite technical, so it is vital to pick a company with experience in the field of solar technology. CAMBO ROOFS has been involved with photovoltaic cell installation since the units were so bulky and impractical that it wasn't even a profitable or intelligent endeavor. But our passion for environmental sustainability and roofing has now finally been substantiated by the evolution of consumer products available in the Solar Energy Production sector. Ask our professional Solar Roofing System architect about a realistic way to make your electric meter spin backward and actually get a check from the electric company every month instead of a bill. The time to be free from the grid is here, let CAMBO ROOFS design and install a system perfect for your home.