laminate shingles

Laminate Shingle Roofing Systems are the most common and affordable roofing systems we install today. Also known as Architectural Grade shingles, they are a significant upgrade from the thinner asphalt 3tab shingle.  They are made from an asphalt-based mat, an outer surface covered with embedded granules and the bottom side has a SEBS adhesive strip to adhere the shingles to the row below. That makes up the common anatomy of a laminate shingle, but not all shingles are made the same. CAMBO ROOFS uses Malarkey Roofing Products exclusively because of their superior engineering compared to other shingle manufacturers. Their patented NEX polymer modified asphalt adds ductile flexibility to allow expansion and retraction with heat and cold for superior granule adhesion and impact resistance. The granules protect the asphalt mat from the sun's harmful UV rays, which cause cracking of the asphalt and eventually leaks in the roof. The Tapered Shim and wider nailing area of the shingles allow for larger overlap to protect from wind-driven rain and prevent "troughing" of water like on flatter shingles. In order to promote the use of sustainable roofing products Malarkey utilizes FLEXOR asphalt made from repurposed sources and has now teamed up with 3M to produce granules that actually absorb Nitrogen Oxides, or smog, from the environment. Like CAMBO ROOFS, Malarkey is a company with a conscience that is doing their part to improve our planet, and we proudly use their products.