Concrete tile 

Concrete has changed the world in the last one hundred years perhaps more than any other construction medium. Concrete is basically liquid stone that can be formed into any shape and with pigments added to look like any material; concrete is the easiest way to have a roof that stands out from the rest of the crowd, And concrete is affordable as well. Nature in the raw is seldom mild, but concrete is capable of standing up to the nastiest hail, wind, and rain. Concrete Tile Roofing Systems are as tough as steel but at a lower price point. Concrete Shingles are a bit heavier than steel, but are still very practical. They are absolutely beautiful and will add a tremendous amount of value to a home through curb appeal alone, plus they are Class IV rated shingles as well, so the insurance premium discount will offset any initial cost in short order. CAMBO ROOFS installs Boral Concrete Tile exclusively due to the quality of the product. And this roofing system comes with a true lifetime warranty from the manufacturer plus a warranty on labor from CAMBO ROOFS.