Single-ply Membranes

CAMBO ROOFS  offers several Single-Ply Membrane Flat Roof Commercial solutions. TPO, EPDM, and PVC are ideal for large projects. Lightweight and flexible, the Single-Ply Membranes are easy to install over various roofing media and can be manufactured to spec in order to minimize seams. They offer excellent UV and acid rain protection and are an economically viable roofing system for large, flat and low slope commercial projects. They perform quite well inclement weather, thus are utilized often in hurricane-prone environments. Single-Ply Membranes can be mechanically fastened or fully adhered depending on the individual application. 


Fluid-Applied Roofing Systems are a logical and practical solution when considering lifecycle costs. Speaking from a financial aspect, a product that can prolong the life of an existing and aging roof and qualify for a fresh NDL (No Dollar Limit) warranty; is a very attractive option. The new generation of reflective roof coatings extends the service life of a mature roofing system, delaying capital expense until an expensive full restoration is absolutely necessary. The process consists of thoroughly cleaning the existing roof, then applying a primer when necessary, then applying a base coat and finally the finish. Coating media vary from Acrylic, and Silicone, to SEBS and can successfully adhere to TPO, PVC, EPDM, Metal and even Asphalt Roofs. Applied by sprayer, brush or roller coatings can be utilized in almost any situation in which the structural integrity of the existing roof is not compromised. CAMBO ROOFS proudly uses Mule-Hide Products for all of our commercial roofing projects. And our customers can rest assured with a fresh 20 year NDL warranty.