About cambo Roofs 

We are a full spectrum roofing firm specializing in storm restoration and insurance claims. Our main function at CAMBO ROOFS is to educate homeowners and business owners about their roofing system as a whole. We teach our clients about the insurance claims process and represent our client's best interests throughout every . Our team consists of claim supplement writers and negotiators, inspectors, project managers, and installers of the highest caliber.  We use local manufacturers, local distributors, and employ local men and women.

We are absolutely an eco-conscious company, thus we use the most sustainable and up-cycled roofing materials available to us in the current marketplace. CAMBO ROOFS is honored to sell and install Malarkey laminate shingles that now are made with patented FLEXOR polymer impregnated repurposed asphalt. Also, patented 3M Smog - Reducing Granules. Which, throughout a day absorb as much Nitrogen Oxide as two fully grown Oak trees and replace as much oxygen back into the atmosphere. Clean, renewable and sustainable energy is extremely important to us, and we contribute to the Green Movement by designing and installing solar photovoltaic shingle roofing systems from start to finish.

At CAMBO ROOFS, we take pride in our utilization of the newest technologies in the industry. From drone deployment for data retrieval, performing digital analyses, to taking measurements and making films for marketing and such. We use CoreLogic weather tracking and mapping data to best focus our energies in the most storm affected areas with maximum efficiency. Efficiency is maximized through a CRM system that keeps track of our sales team and coordinates their data with the design and production team. It is a cloud based technology, so  team members can easily collaborate remotely on a single project. Then lastly, to build estimates, we use Xactimate software.  

We have built strong relationships with our suppliers and distributors, streamlined workflow systems, and we keep overhead costs minimal and focus on maintaining companywide efficiency. These disciplines keep CAMBO ROOFS ultra competitive and able to deliver a superior roofing system at a lower cost than our larger competitors. Therefore we're able to offer our clients the best quality roof installed with industry-leading procedures at a very competitive price point, then cover the new roofing system with manufacturer and labor warranties. Plus, we maintain the ability to give our clients the personal attention they deserve before, during, and after the installation of their new roofing system.  We stay current with innovative new products and technologies in our industry so that we may offer our clients the absolute best option for their specific roofing needs. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so we deliver the right roof, at the right price, the right choice is CAMBO ROOFS. We look forward to earning your business soon and keeping it for life. 


Chad Mathews is the proud owner of CAMBO ROOFS. We are a fully licensed, bonded and insured full spectrum roofing firm. We utilize the most sustainable and quality materials available on the market today and buy from local suppliers. Thank You for looking to us for your roofing needs.